Hair Extensions near Jacksonville NC in Holly Ridge NC

illness hair extensions holly ridge nc” href=””>Hair Extensions near Jacksonville NC in Holly Ridge NC

no rx hampstead nc hair extensions” href=””>Salon Blue Hair & Nails is offering She So Cap hair extensions.  Misty Rackley is certified hair extension artist.  She can make your hair longer, sick thicker, or give your hair burst of exotic colors!

Using strand by strand method, or tape ins method, by She So Cap Extensions, Misty Rackley can transform your style.  Strand by strand is for the person who wants hair extensions as a long term style.  Tape ins are for that person who wants them as a demi-permanent style.  Both techniques can be used to add some exciting colors to your existing colors.

Misty Rackley will be pleased to get you in for your free consultation and help you discover your own individual style!   Salon Blue is located conveniently on hwy 17, nestled between Easy Wash Laundromat and Design Services/ Wes Lyall surveying in Holly Ridge Centre, beside Bank of America.  We can also be found on  Blue…Not just a color…But a style…Wear it proudly!

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