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This day and time there are so many hair products to choose from.  Many also do a great job, health as long as they are professional!  Professional products that are sold in the Hair Salon are made from high quality ingredients.   They will also last the user a long time as the products have high concentrates and don’t require much per use.   As a stylist Misty Rackley and salon owner of Salon Blue, she is wowed by the effects of one hair product, Crack!

Crack is a habit forming hair fix, and can be found at Salon Blue!  This product really does do it all.  Smoothes, nourishes, protects, mends, and shines all in one product, for only $24.85.  This product is a miracle and should be way more!  This is a leave in hair cream made with Acai Extract and Silk Protein.  Blow dry into the hair and it moisturizes from the hair cuticle to the ends of the hair to protect from dryness and chemicals.  All the stylist at Salon Blue including Mary Hoffer, Rebecca Brown,Von Barker and Terri Davis is now crazy about this new product! Crack will leave you with instant gratification and memorable results!

Salon Blue is located conveniently on hwy 17, nestled between Easy Wash Laundromat and Design Services/ Wes Lyall surveying in Holly Ridge Centre, beside Bank of America. We can also be found on




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