Keratin Shots from Big Sexy Hair-Sneads Ferry Hair Salon

cheap holly ridge hair salon, buy keratin shots” href=””>Keratin Shots from Big Sexy Hair-Sneads Ferry Hair Salon

As a stylist and salon owner Misty Rackley, it is important to have all the latest at the Salon Blue Hair Salon.  This is what keeps the clients happy and keep them returning to the salon.  The latest service that Salon Blue is offering is the Keratin Shots from Sexy Hair Concepts.

Keratin Shot leaves the hair feeling rejuvenated and doubles as a color sealer to lock in that color after a coloring service.  The keratin Shot is high in protein and fills the cuticle layer leaving the hair stronger, softer, and with impeccable shine.  The benefits of this treatment will last for up to five shampoos!  This is a great add on service that will only run the client about $20.00 extra dollars.  All stylist including Terri Davis, Rebecca Brown, and Mary Hoffer are excited about this new service and is offering it to all clients.  Even the nail specialist, Von Barker,  is telling her customers to treat their hair to this new service!

 Salon Blue is located conveniently on hwy 17, nestled between Easy Wash Laundromat and Design Services/ Wes Lyall surveying in Holly Ridge Centre, beside Bank of America. We can also be found on

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